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Welcome to Nader's Alterations

Wearing the right clothes plays an important role in creating the right impression. But sometimes the clothes that you buy off the rack or order online do not fit perfectly. Or maybe there is that favorite jacket that you can't wear anymore because it has gone out of style.

Nader’s Alterations has a solution for that. With the right alterations, we can make your clothes look as if it were tailored for you. We are experts at altering your clothes to suit your body.

Nader's Alterations remodel dated clothes, shorten hems and sleeves, replace zips and alter waists on pants and skirts. We also adjust wedding gowns for your special day.

At Nader's Alterations we do dry cleaning for any regular Garment starting $4.00

Nader’s Alterations also shortens and mends curtains and cushions.

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